USAID Partnering for New Partners

  •  June 8, 2021
     8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
We invite you to a USAID Funding Event.

Learn how to enter and grow in the USAID market.

Learn best practices for starting and growing your work with USAID, which distributes more than $21 billion each year! We will share USAID partnering best practices our firms have learned through the support of our client’s work with USAID and USAID prime implementers. Come learn how to start building your organization’s USAID market strategy.

The seminar will cover how to learn about USAID funding opportunities, the USAID procurement process, and will give you tools you can take back to your organization to build and grow your USAID work. It will be targeted to international development and aid organizations based outside of Washington, DC that are interested in USAID funding.

Please bring your questions about working with USAID!
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Speaker, Mike Shanley
CEO, AidKonekt

Mike Shanley has fifteen years of experience working in the USAID market, including at Chemonics International, USAID’s largest implementing partner. In 2013, he founded Konektid International to support new partners to enter the USAID market. Konektid has worked with foreign aid organizations of all types and sizes including both established and new USAID partners, to support their USAID partnering portfolio. Konektid’s clients have ranged from the Fortune 500 and Ivy League, to local NGOs and US small businesses. Mike regularly works directly with clients and leads seminars on USAID partnering best practices and trends. Konektid has partnered with the top foreign aid associations, including USAID, Devex, Society for International Development (DC), British Expertise International, Johns Hopkins University, Bond UK, Dochas, AidEx, and the Posner Center for International Development.

AidKonekt is an online platform that makes it easy to build and monitor your USAID pipeline. AidKonekt provides updates on USAID forecasted opportunities, suggests which primes/partners are likely bidding, and access to rapid market research portals to search USAID project data, reports, and competitor insights.

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