At the Posner Center for International Development, our vision is for a more equitable and prosperous world. While our community works to accomplish this vision around the globe, we know that sometimes equity and prosperity do not extend to nonprofit employees. 

Research shows that a lack of pay transparency in job postings disproportionately impacts people of color and women, both of whom are already paid less and may be penalized for negotiating wages. Pay transparency has the potential to eliminate the gender wage gap and, hopefully, the racial wage gap.

Effective June 1, 2020, The Posner Center will require pay information on all job postings on our job board. We are also providing an abridged collection of resources with guidance and best practices on how to determine fair wages and write inclusive, non-discriminatory job postings.

Amidst unprecedented lay-offs during this global health and economic crisis, we want to do our part to support those who return to global development return to a more equitable job market, as well as those who are able to maintain their employment and mobility.

We appreciate and welcome feedback from the nonprofit community. Thoughts can be shared with the Posner Center’s Executive Director.


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