LISTEN: The USAID Response to COVID-19 W/ Dr. Ken Staley

USAID, Global Development, COVID-19We were honored to have been joined by Dr. Ken Staley, Executive Director of the COVID-19 Task Force for USAID, last week. Dr. Staley took the time out of his insanely busy schedule to fill us in on how USAID has responded to the pandemic, and how they’ve pivoted and re-prioritized aid startegies to help those who need it most. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather in Iowa and subsequent bandwidth issues, we were unable to get video of Dr. Staley, but have no fear. The audio from the seminar is available down below for all those who missed it.

Instead of a more austere presentation, this Future of Global Development session became much more of a discussion, with Dr. Staley opting to field questions from the group and from moderator Mike Shanley of Konektid International, with a brief foray into a differing perspective from Austin Holmes of Mission of Hope Haiti. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, looking for inspiration for your own proactive efforts, or whether you’re fresh-faced and eager to find new opportunities to grow your impact in the future, this discussion offers a great amount of information and will hopefully help you move forward with a tempered, steadfast confidence. We’d like to offer our sincere gratitude to Dr. Ken Staley for joining us, Mike Shanley for moderating, and everyone who joined us for this productive session. Please enjoy the discussion below (edited for time and clarity), and if you like our programming, consider joining our community to help support and stay up-to-date with future sessions.