New Posner Board Members

Sherry Manning

I have been honored to be part of the Posner Center since its inception and in this capacity have seen the Center grow from an idea to the vibrant collaborative community it is today. I am excited to bring both a historical perspective and a deep understanding of the unique needs and desires of the small tenants to the Board. In addition Global Seed Savers has experienced the great benefits being an active participant in this community can bring to our work and I am excited to bring this experience to the Board and continue to elevate the success of all Posner Organizations. I am excited about the refined mission, vision, and values of the Posner Center and to see how new programming ideas can continue to collectively elevate the success of all organizations in the building and build the case for the success of collaborative international development.


Silvia Hodlewsky

The Posner Center’s mission is compelling. A native of one of the poorest economies in the world, Honduras, the desire to serve on the Posner Board is a natural calling. Posner’s mission of enabling organizations to come together, collaborate and advance international development is close to my heart.I am looking forward to learning more about the global organizations that are currently members of Posner Center’s portfolio of tenants and their global impact. Also, I look forward to helping Posner continue to be successful financially.




Sanjay Rajan

Value creation that impacts organization, society and the world is Sanjay Rajan’s credo. As a innovation strategist, business management and social enterprise trusted advisor, he provides consulting services to global clients in private, public and international development sectors. With mindset equal parts business, and creativity, Sanjay uses human centered design, lean and agile best practices to define unique value propositions and evangelize new products and services to market. I look forward to using this approach to help the Posner Center grow.