New Strategic Plan

Our Process

After six months of intensive work, we are very pleased to announce the new Posner Center Strategic Plan for the next five years (2018 – 2022).

We took a hard, honest and sometimes harsh look at on what we have done and the progress we have made in our four short years of existence.  

We came away with a clearer, simpler and more focused vision for the contribution we want to make to international development.

What’s new, what’s different and why does this matter for the Posner Center community?

We are not losing sight of the fact that our Tenants and the Horse Barn are the heart and soul of the organization, but we are pivoting from the idea that the Posner Center is primarily a (wonderful) coworking space, and much more a Center for International Development.

First, we are placing even greater emphasis the role of collaboration in building and supporting the international development community to improve the impact of international development work.

We also want to do much more to evaluate and communicate our collaboration efforts and contribute to the evidence base for international development work. We also want to significantly increase support and opportunities for the Posner Center community to promote their organizations and their work.

The Plan

Our Vision is a more equitable and prosperous world.
Our Mission is to convene, connect, and catalyze the international development community to collaborate for greater impact.

The Posner Center will convene and nurture the Colorado international development community. Our goals are to be the home for the Colorado international development community, both physically and virtually, and to nurture a collaborative community culture that is inclusive, engaging, and creative.


We will create new opportunities for connections and learning across the whole Posner Center community, and promote the success of our collective efforts. Our specific goals will be to help the community to share knowledge and resources, help strengthen their organizational capacity, and also promote linkages between community successes and Posner Center’s efforts.


We will catalyze international development work through relationship building, partnerships and through Posner Center’s programming. Our goals will be to expand our International Collaboration Fund, develop and communicate best practices in collaborative international development, and continue to explore  the local, regional, national, international opportunities for expansion of the Posner Center community.