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Tenant & Member Network

Below is a list of our current organizations in our Tenant & Member Network.

Our Tenants and Members are the heart of the Posner Center. From long-standing organizations with global reach to startups working in one village in the developing world, our Tenants and Members—large and small—share a passion for growing solutions to global poverty. Each organization and venture brings its unique approach and expertise to our joint mission. Instead of trying to do everything for everyone, our Tenants and Members focus on what they do best, allowing them to maximize their impact on the ground. Posner Center Tenants and Members  work in over 100 countries addressing all aspects of sustainable development, including:

  • Agriculture / Food Security
  • Children
  • Climate / Environment
  • Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid
  • Education / Schools
  • Energy
  • Entrepreneurship / Business Development
  • Gender Equality
  • Governance / Institution Building
  • Health
  • Human Trafficking
  • Infrastructure
  • Peace and Justice
  • Policy and Research
  • Refugees / Asylees
  • Technology
  • Water / Sanitation
  • Women

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164 results out of 164 posts
  • Alexander & Associates LLC (Member)

    Alexander & Associates LLC provides consulting and coaching for leaders and groups who intend to thrive in a world of challenging economic, social and environmental realities. We work with leaders, teams and entire organizations to provide confidential and effective strategies that address challenges without obvious solutions. Our clients tell us that we help them see new and broader perspectives that allow them to address real and underlying issues that block their success. Our focus areas include corporate responsibility and sustainability leadership, change leadership, adaptive leadership and executive coaching. As seasoned leaders ourselves, we have a special commitment to support the development of future generations of change leaders. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Climate / Environment, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, General, Peace and Justice, Policy and Research, Water / Sanitation
  • Aaron Manheim (Member)

    Salesforce professional with 10+ years of deep business analyst, system administrator and developer experience.  I've been working for Salesforce since 2006 where I started in the mailroom and worked my way up through Technical Support, IT and now R&D.  I've worked on implementations of the Salesforce platform for both very small- and very large-scale organizations, including Salesforce's own internal implementation of our platform across our many business units. I'm interested in connecting with Posner Center organizations and hearing how they are utilizing Salesforce and potentially helping them optimize their use of the Salesforce platform. Note that I'm not a sales guy and have no interest in selling anything to anyone!  Salesforce encourages all employees to donate our time by volunteering or providing pro bono consultative services to non-profits, so working with the organizations at Posner is entirely within the charter of my job and I'm happy to do it! View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: General
  • Abdul Wahed (Member)

    A consultant with expertise in: Capacity assessment for development as well as humanitarian agencies and design capacity building actions; Conducting evaluation for any project/programs for the development as well as humanitarian organizations; Participatory large scale project design for rural and urban development; Developing tools and technique on Monitoring & Evaluation; Conducting humanitarian principles and practices training for the humanitarian staff; Sphere TOT (trainers of training) training for the humanitarian staff; Facilitating for any need assessment such as rapid, joint need assessment etc; Facilitating for Strategic plan for any development agencies; Conducting different simulations training for staff on natural hazards such as Earth Quake, Floods, Fire etc. Contact>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Climate / Environment, Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid, Governance / Institution Building, Refugees / Asylees, Water / Sanitation, Women
  • Africa Agenda (Tenant)

    Africa Agenda is driven by the need to change the one-sided narrative of African News. We use the Africa Agenda website, journalistic tools, and events, including the Africa News Matters website, as platforms for critical engagement and news analysis about the African continent. Learn more at and
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Policy and Research
  • The Africa Center (Member)

    The Africa Center’s mission is to foster environmental, economic, and social sustainability through teaching, research, and engagement. The Africa Center is a forum for issues of African biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability; a network of Colorado State University faculty, students, staff, surrounding community members, and African partners for research, education and engagement; provides a platform for CSU faculty, students, staff, community members, and Africans to engage with one another on African issues; links diverse types of knowledge to identify and solve environmental, economic, and social problems. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools
  • Africa Development Promise (Tenant)

    Africa Development Promise builds on and strengthens the collective action of rural entrepreneurial women through agriculture in East Africa. We champion the cooperative approach because of its principles of democracy, inclusion and solidarity – cooperatives empower members by promoting self-help and self-responsibility. When women can contribute their creativity, innovation and hard work, prosperity and independence follow, lifting entire communities out of poverty. View Website>>
    Countries: Uganda
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Entrepreneurship / Business Development
  • Africa in the Rockies (Member)

    Africa in the Rockies strives to is to increase social awareness and knowledge of Africa by providing information, materials, and services to local schools, libraries, media, and the community. By providing comprehensive information and networking opportunities, we hope to motivate individuals and organizations towards positive action and support of sustainable policies, as well as fostering an understanding and appreciation of a complex continent. View Website>>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development
  • AfricAid (Tenant)

    AfricAid mentors secondary school girls in Tanzania to complete their education, develop into confident leaders, and transform their own lives and their communities. We equip girls to overcome challenges and reach their full potential because educated girls create lasting positive change. The outcome is resilient, proactive, and socially-responsible girls who secure better jobs, raise healthier families, and increase the standing of women in society. View Website ››
    Countries: Tanzania, Zambia
    Focus Areas: Children, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Gender Equality, Health, Technology, Women
  • Africa Network for Animal Welfare (Tenant)

    Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) is a Pan-African Organization based in Kenya that promotes humane treatment of all animals and the well being of communities living with them. ANAW-USA partners with ANAW, and others, promoting an all Africa agenda, sustained by communities for conservation, compassion, protection and responsible care of all animals.
    Countries: East Africa, South Africa, West Africa
    Focus Areas: Climate / Environment, Infrastructure, Policy and Research
  • Africa School Assistance Project (Member)

    The Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP) believes that educating children, particularly girls, is fundamental to a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future for Africa. ASAP is increasing access to education for children in poor, remote areas of Tanzania and is developing a Learning Improvement Initiative to enhance teaching quality and classroom learning. ASAP works in accordance with the UN Millennium Development Goals and our projects meet rigorous standards for sustainability cultural appropriateness. Additionally, ASAP leads groups of American volunteers to work on our school projects to create a cross-cultural understanding between Americans and Africans. View Website ››
    Countries: Tanzania
    Focus Areas: Children, Education / Schools, Women
  • Agile International (Member)

    Agile International’s mission is to return Western Africa to food abundance by empowering local women farmers and restoring the cultural wisdom that underlies traditional sustainable agriculture. We seek to break free from the endless cycle of foreign aid and food imports by producing nutritious food, generating enough income to support and educate children, and preserving the cultures and customs that create strong families and communities. View Website››
    Countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, West Africa
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Children, Climate / Environment, Education / Schools, Water / Sanitation, Women
  • Africa’s Tomorrow (Member)

    Africa’s Tomorrow assists African women in attaining higher education and cross-cultural experience to accelerate collaborative solutions for social and economic issues. View Website>>
    Countries: Africa Continent
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools, Gender Equality, Women
  • Alternativ Project (Member)

    Alternativ exists to catalyze sustainable economic growth and poverty alleviation through entrepreneurial training. We promote dignity, self-sufficiency, and opportunity for individuals around the globe through the high-impact curriculum, as it leads participants to build confidence, think outside the box, and take control of their financial futures—ultimately, stepping out of the cycle of poverty. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Women
  • Amnesty International (Tenant)

    Amnesty International is an international NGO based in London focused on human rights globally. In-depth research is conducted on human rights abuses to investigate and expose the facts to lobby governments, companies and other groups to follow and respect international law. The Evidence Lab is a group within Amnesty International that uses innovative techniques to corroborate witness testimonies using open source information including video verification, satellite imagery and other remote sensing analysis, geospatial analysis, and weapons identification. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Children, Climate / Environment, Human Trafficking, Peace and Justice, Policy and Research, Refugees / Asylees, Technology, Water / Sanitation, Women
  • Arctic and Mountain Regions Development Institute (Member)

    AMRDI is devoted to the health, well-being and climate change resiliency of people living in the world's mountain and Arctic regions. It blends cutting edge social science methodologies with stakeholder engagement and community participation in order to affect long-term social, human and environmental sustainability in these critical regions. View Website››
    Countries: Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, United States
    Focus Areas: Climate / Environment, Governance / Institution Building, Health, Peace and Justice, Policy and Research
  • Ashley Zuelke (Member)

    Ashley Zuelke cares about expanding economic opportunity and quality of life. As Research and Program Director for the Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Ashley is focused on supporting a network of U.S. nonprofits that provide assistance to small communities so they can provide safe drinking water, sanitary wastewater, and solutions to aid economic vitality to local residents and businesses. She is focused on helping the Rural Community Assistance Partnership, based in Washington, D.C., more broadly share the perspective of working with rural communities and using data to make creative, effective, and impactful decisions and policies. She is an experienced public servant with a background in strategy, communications, coordination, partnerships, international trade and economic development.
    Countries: U.S.
    Focus Areas: Climate / Environment, Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Policy and Research, Water / Sanitation
  • The Audacity Lab (Member)

    The Audacity Lab creates bold solutions for the planet. Founded in 2018 by Steve Dobo, and launching its inaugural program, Up with Africa, The Audacity Lab works together with the most vulnerable beings on the planet to help solve their seemingly insurmountable challenges. We focus on the problems that have resisted solutions for decades if not centuries, utilizing a systems and design thinking approach. We look for collaborative, culturally sensitive solutions that are both sustainable and scalable through market-based entrepreneurial solutions. View Website>>>
    Countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda
    Focus Areas: General
  • Beyond Our Borders (Member)

    Beyond Our Borders is a Special Interest Fund of The Women's Foundation of Colorado. Since its inception in 1999, Beyond Our Borders has invested more than 5,000 in US-based non-profit organizations working to ensure women girls in other parts of the world are empowered to achieve their full potential and participate fully in society. We have also built an endowment for future giving. If you are interested in joining Beyond Our Borders as a grant-maker or learning more about our grant-making process, please contact Lydia Johnson at The Women's Foundation of Colorado View Website››
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Women
  • Black Fox Philanthropy (Member)

    Black Fox Philanthropy is a leading fundraising consulting firm amplifying the social sector’s impact via core strategy and services. As a B Corp, Black Fox Philanthropy measures the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.  Our core work centers around equipping global nonprofit leaders with the fundraising guidance and tools needed to tackle society’s toughest problems.
    Our mission is to mobilize significant resources to help solve complex problems on a global scale. We’ve worked with NGOs operating on six continents, helping to create effective strategies to attract significant and sustainable funding.  Our client list includes Posner tenants and members, and dozens of NGOs based in the US and beyond such as Kickstart, Splash, Pencils of Promise, Bridges to Prosperity, World Pulse, Ubuntu, myAgro, and SHOFCO.
    Black Fox Philanthropy is proud to be a Colorado-based company that is both woman-owned and a certified B Corporation.
    View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Children, Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Gender Equality, Health, Infrastructure, Refugees / Asylees, Technology, Water / Sanitation
  • Bridge of Life (Member)

    Bridge of Life (BOL) is an international nonprofit organization working to improve health, wellness and vitality.  BOL has expanded its efforts beyond kidney care to include screening and prevention of chronic illnesses and increased access to primary care services.  We strive to empower local staff, community health workers and patients through training and education to make sustainable changes to healthcare. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Health
  • Bridges to Prosperity (Member)

    Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Our community-driven projects provide basic access to healthcare, education and improved livelihoods via footbridge construction. We build to educate by teaching design and construction both locally and globally. We build to innovate through developing and openly sharing solutions that are safe, replicable, and locally viable. And we build to inspire, by providing opportunities for leadership development and personal growth through international collaboration. View Website ››
    Countries: Bolivia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, Timor-Leste, Zambia
    Focus Areas: Infrastructure
  • Bryt Idea Consulting LLC (Member)

    Working primarily with cause-driven organizations, Bryt•Idea is a consulting collective that provides cost-effective brand and marketing strategy with an additional focus on process and systems optimization management. Our mission is to help cause-driven organizations optimize messaging, process and impact. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: General, Peace and Justice, Refugees / Asylees
  • Build Change (Member)

    Build Change saves lives in earthquakes and typhoons. Our mission is to greatly reduce deaths, injuries and economic losses caused by housing and school collapses due to earthquakes and typhoons in emerging nations. Build Change designs disaster-resistant houses and schools in emerging nations and trains builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials to build them. Build Change leaves in place permanent change in construction practice by building local skills and stimulating local demand. View Website ››
    Countries: Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines
    Focus Areas: Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Infrastructure, Technology, Women
  • CAI Global (Tenant)

    CAI is a diverse, mission-driven non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of health care and social services delivered to vulnerable populations world-wide. Since 1979, we've tackled the toughest health and social issues that confront populations and communities most effected by health disparities. Working as trusted partners, our customized services build the capacity of health and human service organizations, improving lives in the communities we serve and fostering a more aware, healthy, compassionate & equitable world. View Wesbite>>>
    Countries: Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guyana, Panama, Swaziland
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools, Health
  • Catapult Design (Member)

    Catapult believes that all people should have access to a range of thoughtful and inspired products and services that suit their needs and their wallets. We are a design firm that works with socially-driven organizations to build forward-looking, accessible, and market-based products and services that give low income and under served people reliable tools to improve their quality of life. Our team of designers, engineers, and business specialists are dedicated to creating solutions to social problems with people at the forefront. View Website >>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Climate / Environment, Education / Schools, Energy, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, General, Health, Infrastructure, Policy and Research, Technology, Water / Sanitation
  • Children’s Future International (Tenant)

    We believe that every child has the right to a life of dignity and opportunity. Children’s Future operates a Learning Center in rural Cambodia offering unique and comprehensive Education, Well-Being, and Community Outreach programs. We serve the poorest and most vulnerable children who face the risks and hardships of life in an underdeveloped and traumatized country. Our goal is to facilitate the fulfillment of their basic human rights and support them in becoming self-reliant, compassionate individuals who develop into professionals, role models and future community leaders. View Website ››
    Countries: Cambodia
    Focus Areas: Children, Education / Schools, Gender Equality, Health, Human Trafficking, Technology
  • Chinook Fund (Tenant)

    Chinook Fund supports community organizations working on issues of racial, social and economic justice in the state of Colorado. Our funding supports the most strategic work unfolding at the local level to address globalization, poverty, war, racism and environmental destruction. A community foundation, Chinook Fund pools the resources of individuals and businesses to support the best of peer-reviewed grassroots organizations working for social change and to improve the quality of life for all Coloradans. View Website ››
    Focus Areas:
  • Christina Van Winkle (Tenant)

    Christina Van Winkle is an environmental economist and policy analyst, currently acting as an independent consultant for a variety of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation initiatives worldwide. She has experience working in the public, private, and civil society sectors, and is currently supporting natural capital assessments through the World Bank Group, biodiversity finance through the UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative, and private sector investments in forest landscape restoration through World Resources Institute.
    Countries: Rwanda
    Focus Areas: Climate / Environment, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Policy and Research
  • Colorado Haiti Project (Member)

    An independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization the mission of the Colorado Haiti Project is to work in partnership with rural Haitian communities to support their rise out of extreme poverty. View Website ››
    Countries: Haiti
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Children, Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Gender Equality, Health, Infrastructure, Water / Sanitation, Women
  • Chris Van Note (Member)

    Chris Van Note is an independent consultant and civil engineer with 32 years’ experience on international projects worldwide. Chris is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and French and has successfully worked with clients, government agencies, and indigenous communities in South America, Africa, and Asia. His experience includes leadership of multi-cultural project teams, cultural awareness training, and relationship building with government officials and local communities. Chris is currently seeking to contribute to global development project that can use his intercultural skills, foreign language capabilities, project management and leadership skills, community relations experience, and planning and engineering experience. View Website >>  
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Climate / Environment, Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid, Energy, General, Infrastructure, Technology, Water / Sanitation
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