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International Collaboration Fund


The International Collaboration Fund (ICF) is the Posner Center’s signature program, and an essential element of our work to catalyze the international development communication to collaborate for greater impact. The ICF is a grantmaking program built upon the idea that strategic collaboration can create transformative change in development. The Posner Center funds work that harnesses the power of collaboration for impact where work is implemented, in the Posner Center network and the broader international development community.

The Posner Center is pleased to announce the winning projects for 2018! Read about our grantees.

Grant Types

The ICF funds two different types of grants:

Scoping Grant

Scoping grants provide an opportunity for organizations to learn, explore, test assumptions, and identify best practices before launching larger-scale projects. Scoping grants may include, but are not limited to: pilot projects, project planning, research, training, evaluation, strategy development, or coalition-building work. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a Letter of Intent for a Scoping Grant, rather than for a full Project Grant unless substantial collaborative work has already taken place.

Project Grant

Project grants support collaborative projects with the potential to create lasting impact in the areas in which the project is implemented. In addition, projects with the potential to disseminate important learning to the Posner Center network or the broader international development community will be prioritized. Project Grants are intended for groups who can demonstrate prior collaborative work with proposed partners.

Program History and Funded Projects

The  Posner network of more than 150 organizations is diverse in its approach, geography, and reach in creating solutions to global poverty. The breadth of the network, combined with the Posner Center’s intentional capacity-building programming and shared resources, generates many possibilities for learning and partnership. Launched in 2015, the ICF catalyzes these connections, funding collaborative partnerships with the potential for measurable impact around the globe.

In the first three years, the ICF has provided more than $180,000 in funding to 22 projects in 13 countries worldwide. More than 30 Posner Center Tenant and Member organizations have partnered on an ICF project.

To see the full list of projects funded, click here:

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Current ICF Supporters

The International Collaboration Fund is made possible by our generous supporters. 2017 supporters include: Beyond Our Borders, CoBank, Green Fund, Harvey Family Foundation, and Leighty Foundation.

Want to support collaboration for impact?

The Posner Center is working to radically grow the International Collaboration Fund for increased impact around the globe. We’re looking for new individual, foundation, and corporate partners to join us in our work to create measurable impact. Email us at  to learn more about the program and how you can effect change.

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