Posner Center gets a Mural

As anyone who lives, works, or visits the RiNO neighborhood of Denver knows, murals are omnipresent and super popular! And now, we’re going to get our own mural by local artist, Lindee Zimmer.  She’ll be doing the mural installation, with participation from local youth and community organizations in early April, 2021.

Photo by Cam Margera

Lindee believes in art by the community for the community.  Her working model that incorporates young artists and students comes out of her own early experiences. Lindee helped paint a mural with a local artist in Boulder when she was young and the experience changed her life.  It sparked her mural obsession and has inspired her to include young people in her work.  She says the experience plants the idea that there is potential to earn a living with art.

You can learn more about the artist at www.zimmerlindee.com and follow the progress in our mural photo gallery.

Then, it was finished!!! And it’s spectacular.

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk

Sponsors, volunteers, Posner Center Community members, and family and friends joined the artist, Lindee Zimmer for an unveiling ceremony in June 2021.

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk

Peter Kowalchuk is a fine arts photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He specializes in photographing murals. You can check out his portfolio on his website at www.eyeluminations.com or on Instagram @peterkowalchuk1228.

Cam Margera is a local photographer documenting Lindee’s mural as it goes up on the Posner Center.  You’ll find some of his photos in our mural photo gallery and you can check out the rest of his cool portfolio of work on Instagram @cammargera8. You can also see Cam’s work in our Community Video Gallery, where we have a video he created for Lindee’s mural at the Five Points eatery – Birdcall.


This community art is made possible through the generous support of: