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Committed to our vision of a collaborative community
working together, at home and abroad,
for a more equitable and prosperous world.

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to secure a strong future for the Posner Center post-COVID-19.
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Thank you to our namesake, Joanne Posner, who matched our first $5000.

We have grown from a disconnected group of organizations and agitators, to a more collaborative, smarter, focused, intentional and impactful Community. We have grown because of the commitment to coming together, demonstrating we can have more impact on human lives around the world through collaboration.

Our Posner Center community of tenants and members have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of our organizations have made severe, cuts to budgets and staff. They have also reduced or given up their Posner Center office space and membership to survive. Our historic Horse Barn building sits at the core of the Posner Center’s innovative model as our primary revenue stream. Due to the pandemic, the building can’t be used for large indoor events and our office vacancy rate has been as high as 50%. With continued spikes and variants, we know the effects of this pandemic will last longer than anticipated.

We are taking aggressive actions and making tough choices, but need your help to make it through these challenges. We’re back to using the building with masks and office leases are growing again, but we still need investment to help get us through to the other side of the pandemic.

Thank You!

Your donation today will secure a strong future for the Posner Center community.