Posner Center Symposium 2022 | Decolonizing: Beyond the Buzz

Join us from 9-18 November 2022 when the Posner Center Symposium will convene global and local development leaders, practitioners, researchers, academics, and supporters looking to take concrete, anti-racist actions in their development work, diversify the global development field, and have a more equitable impact that begins to repair past injustices. 

As people across all sectors seek to “decolonize” everything – from their minds to their diets to their work – there is growing concern that a familiar fate will befall the term, becoming a dreaded buzzword.

We will dig into decolonization with deeper and more authentic meanings and applications. Speakers will suggest specific tools to identify, acknowledge, and repair ongoing harm caused by colonialism in global impact work and shift thinking from people as objects of development to subjects and leaders of change.

The Symposium is core to the Posner Center’s impact. Supporting the Symposium supports leaders across the global development sector to do good better as we strive for a more equitable and liberated global society. 

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Our Commitment to Decolonizing Development

For both the places we live and the communities in which we work, decolonization to us means acknowledging and analyzing colonial history and its legacies in the global development field, our organizational policies and practices, and our individual mindsets and behaviors. The Posner Center is committed to convening discussions and supporting actions to further understand how we can decolonize our work for a more just and equitable approach to global impact.

Program and Speakers

This year’s Symposium will include sessions on the colonial history of specific countries, sectors, and institutions that play a role in many of our lives. You will hear case studies of organizations that have shifted leadership, programs, and policies to readjust power dynamics. You will connect, communicate, and imagine a new sector and world through an Indigenous, futurist lens. We can’t wait to continue this journey with you.

Program Topics and Schedule

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