Brian Nelson

Operations Manager Staff

Brian Nelson considers himself a Global Citizen.

He was born in Okinawa, Japan, and spent years growing up in Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Florida. He focused on volunteerism in each community, gaining insights about the kinds of injustices that modern people face. After earning the Eagle Scout award, Brian went on to study the Global Justice Movement at Florida State University, understanding that his life’s purpose was to act at the grassroots level in the name of social, political, environmental, and economic justice. While studying abroad in Costa Rica, Brian became passionate about ecotourism as a sustainable development tool.

He went on to study ‘Tropical Conservation and Development’ at the University of Florida, which then led to him serving for 27 months as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. Brian worked with and for a small indigenous community in the Amazon region of Ecuador, supporting their community ecotourism venture.

Since then, Brian has continued to volunteer for nonprofits with a focus on environmental and food justice. In his free time, he is a patron of the arts; find him at First Friday festivities or attending a show at the theater. He also loves to cook (and eat) delicious plant-based fare!

Brian is a systems thinker, having built sales & support organizations for Colorado-based technology startups and B-corporations. He is thrilled to bring his operations expertise to the Posner Community.