Reba Yount

Secretary Board

Reba Yount believes women are the crux of all community development. In educating, engaging, and empowering the mother’s of a community, not only is she equipped with new skills to support herself, but also gains knowledge to be passed on to her children.

As the Director of Business Management at The Women’s Bakery, Reba is responsible for resource and content development, organizational strategy, company-wide administration, and executing marketing and communications initiatives. Reba also helps roll-out fundraising strategy and action plans. Reba has a special focus on the ongoing development of the organization’s franchise bakery materials, including operations manuals, processes, and resources.

Having completed Bachelors in Business and in Religion, Reba attended graduate school to attain a Master of Arts in Social Change to be better equipped as an ally in community development. She has over a decade of experience in international development, having lived and worked in Washington D.C., Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, and Southern Africa. She has worn many hats throughout her career, thus bringing marketing, operations, entrepreneurial business skills, and more to The Women’s Bakery.

Reba loves reading, skiing, playing soccer, and hanging out with her pup, Remi.