World Connected Mural Commissioned for Symposium 2020

Photo by Julia Kennedy

Installed in the Posner Center for its second annual Symposium February 27-28, World Connected is a mural by artist Charlotte Bassin that depicts the Posner Center’s global perspective and vision of a more prosperous and equitable world. Our Posner Center Community is a collective, networked map of collaborations that is transforming traditional views of global development and confronting the North-South bias. We are disrupting the phenomenon of global development organizations operating in isolation from one another through collaboration with each other and partners in over 100 countries.

About the Artist

Charlotte has been an artist and world traveler all her life. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts to immigrant parents and spent her summers as a child with family in Europe. Before getting a degree in Fine Art, she took a year to travel the world equipped with a sketchbook, journal, camera and backpack. It was the start of a life-long passion for travel and inspired the creation of a series of more than 100 artistic world maps.

Charlotte now lives in Golden, Colorado with her husband and two daughters. Three years ago, she shifted her focus from being a successful web/graphic designer/art director to being a fill-time artist.  Check out more of her work at or on Facebook @ wanderandwonderworldmaps.

Photo by Rachel Woolf