Posner Member Write Our World at the Aurora History Museum


Refugee Elementary Students’ Exhibit

Posner Center Member, Write Our World is currently exhibiting the work of its refugee students and their parents at the Aurora History Museum. This exhibit, Write Our World: Crawford Elementary School, is open until September 20th, 2017. The exhibit shows the stories of dozens of elementary students in e-book form, presented in both English and the author’s native language. The e-books were collected through the work of Write Our World at the wonderfully diverse elementary school, Crawford Elementary, which is composed of 95 percent minority students, with over 29 languages spoken. The exhibit supplements the e-books with loaned artifacts from the families, such as traditional clothing and religious items.

The program run by Write our World allows for inter-generational storytelling, allowing for parents to tell their children stories from their lives and journey to the United States.

“We get to express our culture through story-writing along with my son is the best thing I have ever seen.” – Prajapati Gautam

Write Our World plans to expand this program to Paris K-8 and other schools this year, and we look forward to seeing their progress as the program expands.


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