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Posner Center History

Hundreds of international development organizations call Colorado home. Working in various fields, such as agriculture, education, energy, health, infrastructure and microfinance, these organizations share a common goal — to improve the quality of life for the poorest on Earth. Many serve similar populations and confront the same administrative burdens and financial challenges.

iDE is one of Colorado’s leading international development organizations. Its programs have raised incomes of poor rural farmers through the power of business since 1982, reaching more than 20 million people in 15 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In 2011, at a meeting in Addis Ababa, iDE’s international Board of Directors committed to increasing the efficiency and impact of Colorado’s international organizations by approving an ambitious plan to develop and finance the world’s first collaborative center for international development.

iDE Senior Advisor Andrew Romanoff recruited and inspired other Colorado-based groups to join the effort, and the consortium soon grew to include more than two dozen organizations, many with market-based approaches to solving global challenges. Andrew also worked with other Colorado partners to finance the renovation of the Horse Barn, the Posner Center’s shared workspace in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver. The Horse Barn opened in July 2013, and iDE spun off the Posner Center for International Development as an independent nonprofit organization later that year.

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The Posner Center is named in recognition of the generosity of Joanne Posner-Mayer, and in honor of her parents, Jerry and Hanna Posner. Like many at the Posner Center, Jerry was an entrepreneur. He owned and operated Posner Hardware on Larimer Street with his mother in the ’30s until the mid-50s.

Joanne Posner Dad (Jerry Posner) and Grandmother (Kate Posner) at 10th and Larimer Shop.


















In 1958, he moved the store to Franklin Street, just a few blocks from the Horse Barn, where he ran it with his wife Hanna until 1973.


The Posner Center has grown to over 60 organizations and social ventures, with 150 employees, and scores of partners, interns and volunteers. No longer operating in isolation from one another, our Tenants and Members are able to exchange ideas, cut costs, and improve the products and services they provide. Together, we are building a community of innovators growing lasting solutions to global poverty.


Photos courtesy of the Posner family.

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