Organization Type: Academic Institution/Program

Entrepreneurs for Social Impact Experiential Education (ExEd)

Vision: Better life outcomes and a healthier global environment. Mission: Solve challenging problems, implement feasible solutions. Astute observation, context awareness, R&D, thoughtful design, customer validation, proof of concept, market testing, prototyping, team building, internal/external functionality, leadership skills and funding are emphasized. Pitch decks and pitches are developed, refined and presented repeatedly. Structure may be: a… Read more »

Tom Hilton

Tom is an economist with 12 years’ experience working on sustainable economic development across the Global South. His research at Colorado State University focuses on the application of market systems thinking to problems of climate change and biodiversity conservation.

Colorado State University System – SPUR Campus

The Colorado State University System exists to support, enhance, and protect the unique missions of its constituent institutions and to encourage collaboration that benefits students and Colorado.

DEI Leadership Institute

The DEI Leadership Institute was established to develop and support activist leaders who have the skills, knowledge, and heart to be effective agents of change for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The DEI Master Practitioner Certification Program is designed to enable and empower leaders to make significant change to the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the… Read more »

El Hogar Ministries, Inc.

El Hogar Ministries, Inc. supports the mission of El Hogar Projects in Honduras. El Hogar provides a quality education and a safe and nurturing home to children living in vulnerable circumstances in Honduras. El Hogar’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty so that students can fulfill their potential as productive and independent Honduran… Read more »

Tamara Jazbec

Tamara Jazbec has twenty years of experience in non-profit program management, focusing on international and intercultural education through entrepreneurial leadership development. Jazbec is skilled in working with international partners & youth ambassadors to develop programs according to the organization’s mission and program goals, as well as training volunteers and other stakeholders to implement the program… Read more »

Far Away Friends

Far Away Friends is a locally-led and female founded nonprofit started by two young women with a big vision: to break cycles of generational poverty in rural Uganda forever. Working in partnership with local leaders to identify investments in schools and community resources that impact the lives of children, Far Away Friends is now operating… Read more »

Western Colorado University: Clark School of Environment and Sustainability: Master in Environmental Management

Through experiential learning and project work with organizations in the Rocky Mountains and around the world, students earning Western Colorado University’s Master in Environmental Management degree enhance skills to tackle environmental problems and craft careers with government agencies, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations. We have an engaged community of students who choose either a residential or… Read more »

Upstream Education Inc.

Launched in 2016, Upstream Education’s mission is to make it as easy as possible to equip educators and students with the tools they need to reduce anxiety, strengthen resilience, and increase well-being. Upstream addresses the constraints of academic schedules through 93+ bite-sized, 5-10 minute lessons that come with scripts and matching presentations. As a Tier 1 intervention and… Read more »

Colorado State University Public Policy and Administration

International organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits are actively seeking skilled professionals to lead teams and develop policies that improve people’s lives. Colorado State University’s Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) prepares students for public sector or nonprofit leadership through an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates research-based academic theory with real-world experience.

Colorado State University – Africa Center

The Africa Center at Colorado State University’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability advances innovative and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research that cross-cuts conventional disciplines in an attempt to tackle environmental and sustainability issues. Specifically, The Africa Center members address complex issues of biodiversity, ecosystems, wildlife, livestock, and human health well-being, and the interactions that occur between these issues… Read more »

Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey – MIIS

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies is a graduate school and training ground for developing and implementing practical solutions. It is a home to some of the world’s leading experts who will be your mentors, teaching you how to take your education and experience and make the difference you want in the world. MIIS offers… Read more »

American Pathways University: Technology, Business, Political Science School at UC Denver, School of Mines

The mission of American Pathways University is to provide an affordable, accessible, and authorized program of higher education, including general education in arts and sciences and specialized fields of study in vocational and academic majors that facilitate immediate and long-term changes in thinking, doing, and being as cornerstones for personal freedom, successful lives, vocational careers,… Read more »

University of Colorado-Denver, Institute for International Business

University of Colorado (CU) Denver’s Institute for International Business (IIB) serves as the center for the advanced study and teaching of International Business at the University of Colorado. It is also home to CU Denver’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), a national center of excellence in international business education.

University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs – Career Development/Admissions/Alumni Relations

As the top-ranked public affairs school in Colorado and among the best in the nation, CU Denver School of Public Affairs is creating the next generation of visionary leaders. Our downtown Denver location provides unprecedented access to a diverse urban environment where policy becomes practice. Our online courses give students flexibility and choices that fit… Read more »