Organization Type: Entrepreneurship/Business Development

Ryan Fila

Ryan Fila’s main goal is to approach life from a place of love, and allow the expressions to grow from that place. Right now, the expressions come through as creative storytelling, curated community gatherings, and marketing. Over the past few years, Fila has been blessed to tell stories of beautiful souls in Haiti, Ukraine, Colombia,… Read more »

Ziah Orion

Arise Investments is a crowdfunding platform that helps our investors – or “seedlings” as we like to call them – accumulate enough for the down payment on their first home. By renting our single-family homes by the room to not-for-profits, we generate above-average cash flow that enables us to provide our seedlings with an outstanding… Read more »

Jabulani Youths for Transformation

Jabulani Youths for Transformation envisions a generation of young people transforming Africa and living up to their lives’ purposes. A community where everyone is empowered to work with each other to take action and build sustainable solutions for the common challenges. Their Mission is to alleviate poverty, improve welfare, promote good governance, nurture talents and… Read more »

RENEW Capital

The vision of RENEW Capital is to change the way the world engages Africa—from a place of giving to one of investing. Renew Capital invests capital into African opportunity while building the ecosystems and infrastructure needed to make these investments possible.

Roots of Development

Roots of Development is a nonprofit organization that supports and advocates for a more sustainable approach to development around the world. We believe in a world in which the very communities living in poverty are the ones leading the fight against it; a world in which impoverished communities decide their own future and manage their… Read more »

Good Food Community

Good Food Community believes that the toxic food system is a story of human disconnection, and fixing it begins with healing this broken relationship. It exists to develop more active, empathetic and structural approaches of helping farmers grow food, thereby growing farmer-eater friendships for healthier communities.

Mutoni Maureen

Mutoni Maureen is a Bakery Manager for The Women’s Bakery at their flagship store in Kigali, Rwanda. She is interested in finding a mentor to help her progress in her life and career.

World Trade Center Denver

World Trade Center Denver is a business network and services organization dedicated exclusively to the international business success of companies based in Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain region. 

International Coach Federation of Colorado

ICF-CO is committed to the advancement of professional excellence in coaching. Their mission is to uphold the ICF Code of Ethics and Standards, promote mastery of the ICF Core Competencies, support the health, growth and success of their members, provide educational resources, programming and tools in support of professional excellence, demonstrate the value of professional… Read more »


Africa has the world’s youngest and fastest-growing population. By 2035, the continent is poised to contribute more people to the global workforce each year than the rest of the world combined. At Educate!, we’re obsessed with impact. We leverage iterative learning to build highly scalable youth employment solutions aimed at unlocking the potential of the world’s youngest… Read more »

Africa Development Promise

Africa Development Promise builds on and strengthens the collective action of rural entrepreneurial women through agriculture in East Africa. We champion the cooperative approach because of its principles of democracy, inclusion, and solidarity – cooperatives empower members by promoting self-help and self-responsibility. When women can contribute their creativity, innovation, and hard work, prosperity and independence… Read more »

Global Livingston Institute

The mission of the Global Livingston Institute is to positively impact the health and vitality of communities in East Africa and inform GLI participants through research, exchange of ideas, and knowledge sharing. For GLI, all roads lead back to a very simple mission: Listen. Think. Act. Before we do anything we must first ask ourselves:… Read more »

MarketShare Associates

MarketShare Associates partners with businesses, development agencies, and donors alike to address the most pressing barriers to equitable economic development. We help clients facilitate positive change by unlocking creative ideas, building local capability, enhancing learning systems and securing sustainable results. We see working with partners that operate (or seek to operate) as market facilitators and… Read more »


At Morrow, our vision is for a Whole Economy, one in which our systems are responsive to the needs, potential, and dignity of all people. To get there, the member and partners in Morrow invest in companies generating returns and creating products, services, and cultures that are additive to their communities. Over the next decade,… Read more »