Organization Type: Policy, Research, or Advocacy

Causal Design

Causal Design is a social enterprise providing economic analysis, policy research, and M&E systems support. Our firm – with staff in Denver, Cambodia, Kenya, and Malawi – partners with international development clients to provide rigorous independent program evaluation, expand cultures of evidence within organizations, and join them in efforts to relieve human suffering and end… Read more »

CLLARO: Colorado Latino Leadership Advocacy Research Organization

CLLARO’s mission is to empower Latinos through leadership development, advocacy, and policy research to strengthen Colorado. CLLARO’s vision for the future is a State of Colorado where Latinos achieve their fullest potential.More than one out of five Coloradans are Latino. Some Latino families have centuries-old roots in the southwestern United States. Spanish colonists grazed sheep… Read more »

Michele Stillwell-Parvensky

Michele Stillwell-Parvensky is a committed advocate for social, economic, and racial justice with fifteen years of experience managing successful advocacy campaigns to achieve educational equity and improve the health of children and families. Michele provides policy, advocacy, and communications strategy consulting to help nonprofits achieve social change. Previously, she served as Vice President of Advocacy… Read more »

Maya Bhardwaj

Maya Bhardwaj (she/they) is a queer diasporic Indian-American community organizer, artist, musician, researcher, and consultant. She holds ten years of experience in social movement work across North America, Europe, and Asia, across issues and sectors. Maya is originally from occupied Anishnaabe land, currently known as Detroit; holds roots and community in Bangalore and New York;… Read more »

Kenney Tran

Kenney Tran’s goal is to continue working with historically marginalized communities to take theories of empowerment and bring them into practice. He believes that in the field of international development, we’ve been focusing from an “external” lense, rather than asking shareholders what works and what doesn’t, relying on their lived experiences, and ensuring that we… Read more »

Malaka Shwaikh

Malaka Shwaikh is an associate lecturer at the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews. Her research is at the intersection of prison resistance, decoloniality, and hunger strikes. She is interested in languages of care and empathy and in ways that ensure our world is a better place.

Karana Rising

Karana Rising was founded in 2019 by Andrea, Fecha and Liz who are survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and assault. They are taking their collective past to create a future where survivors are at the helm of the policies and services that survivors in the United States and globally need to heal, thrive and… Read more »

ReGen Science Fund

ReGen Science Fund is a non-profit social enterprise whose vision is to see an Africa that is a pioneer in new scientific research, generic pharmaceuticals and to see an Africa that is autonomous in its health sector. They are a community of young people passionate about seeing the advancement of genetic research and scientific research… Read more »

The Racial Equity Index

The Racial Equity Index believes that individuals and institutions are products of the larger society and environment in which they exist, and also have the agency and responsibility to live up to the change we claim to want to see in the world. Across the global development sector, philanthropists and global development actors, organizations, and… Read more »

Colorado Ceasefire

Colorado Ceasefire believes gun violence destroys the lives of too many Coloradans. Every day, it raises awareness about the dangers of gun violence within homes and communities, and works with Colorado lawmakers to implement and maintain common-sense gun safety reforms that keep families and children free from harm. Because every Coloradan has the right to… Read more »

Women’s Voices For The Earth

The mission of Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) is to amplify women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities. WVE imagines a world where the earth is taken care of, workers are paid well and treated fairly, and there are no toxic chemicals in homes, communities, or the environment…. Read more »

Sustainable Development Strategies Group

The Sustainable Development Strategies Group (SDSG) is an independent nonprofit research institute advancing best practices for sustainable management of renewable energy and natural resources. We use research, practice, and teaching to provide guidance to communities, companies, and governments on law and policy frameworks that advance best practices for sustainable energy and natural resource development. Our… Read more »

Global Research Institute

The Global Research Institute is a consortium of international Social Science scholars who conduct independent research on current world issues for academic, government, and judicial constituencies.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is an international NGO based in London focused on human rights globally. In-depth research is conducted on human rights abuses to investigate and expose the facts to lobby governments, companies and other groups to follow and respect international law. The Evidence Lab is a group within Amnesty International that uses innovative techniques to… Read more »

Africa Network for Animal Welfare

Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) is a Pan-African Organization based in Kenya that promotes humane treatment of all animals and the well being of communities living with them. ANAW-USA partners with ANAW, and others, promoting an all Africa agenda, sustained by communities for conservation, compassion, protection and responsible care of all animals.