Entry Point for Transformation: Sustainable and Just Economies

Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA)

IRMA is a coalition of NGOs, directly affected communities, labor unions, mining companies, purchasers, and investors who have established a high-bar standard to drive more responsible mining: the IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining. IRMA oversees the standard and the related system for independent third- party audits and public reporting. Our mission is to protect people… Read more »

Causal Design

Causal Design is a social enterprise providing economic analysis, policy research, and M&E systems support. Our firm – with staff in Denver, Cambodia, Kenya, and Malawi – partners with international development clients to provide rigorous independent program evaluation, expand cultures of evidence within organizations, and join them in efforts to relieve human suffering and end… Read more »

Karana Rising

Karana Rising was founded in 2019 by Andrea, Fecha and Liz who are survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and assault. They are taking their collective past to create a future where survivors are at the helm of the policies and services that survivors in the United States and globally need to heal, thrive and… Read more »

RPCK Rastegar Panchal

RPCK Rastegar Panchal is an international boutique law firm focused on providing highly-tailored and innovative solutions to social impact investors, large family offices, investment funds, public charities, private foundations, entrepreneurs and growth enterprises around the world. Our subject matter experts span corporate law and governance, corporate finance, intellectual property, employment law, employee benefits, mergers and… Read more »

Sneha Kadyan

Sneha Kadyan is a Ph.D. candidate at Colorado State University. Intersecting global-local economic systems of production are built on established structures of gender inequality in global value chains of production. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the inequities between global North and global South highlighting the gendered aspects of these value chains; wherein concerns over women’s… Read more »

Together With Tanzania

Together With Tanzania partners with local Tanzanian organizations to assess and meet needs of the community and individuals. Current areas of focus include women’s issues, economic development and business entrepreneur training.

World Trade Center Denver

World Trade Center Denver is a business network and services organization dedicated exclusively to the international business success of companies based in Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain region. 

Harvey Family Foundation

The Harvey Family Foundation is grounded in the philosophy that all gifts are an opportunity to “pay it forward,” meaning that a grant not only benefits its recipient but also has the potential to be an investment that will yield benefits far into the future. The Harvey Family Foundation hopes that their beneficiaries will someday… Read more »

Oury Law, LLC

Oury LLC is a next generation law firm focused on enabling technology organizations that have a central mission to propel international social impact. James Oury has joined the Posner Community to provide legal expertise to our Tenants and Members.


Educate! transforms secondary education in Africa to teach young people to solve poverty for themselves and their communities. We provide youth with skills training in leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness along with mentorship to start real businesses at school. Our goal is to make this practical, skills-based model part of national education systems across Africa…. Read more »

Locally Haiti

Locally Haiti believes in Haitian leadership and Haitian vision, investing in locally-led programs and community-based work. Locally Haiti’s integrated initiatives are designed to support economic development and the overall health and well-being of families in the Nippes region of rural Haiti. Locally Haiti supports efforts in education, agriculture and conservation, community health, and girls’ empowerment.

MarketShare Associates

MarketShare Associates partners with businesses, development agencies, and donors alike to address the most pressing barriers to equitable economic development. We help clients facilitate positive change by unlocking creative ideas, building local capability, enhancing learning systems and securing sustainable results. We see working with partners that operate (or seek to operate) as market facilitators and… Read more »

Rural Community Assistance Corporation

RCAC creates opportunities in rural communities through training, consulting, financing, and advocacy. We build local partnerships to ensure rural communities have safe, affordable drinking water, waste disposal, and other infrastructure; provide quality affordable housing for lower income residents; have access to economic opportunity; and are guided by well-trained leaders who access knowledge, technical, and financial… Read more »

Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (LCHT) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to compel data-driven actions to end human trafficking by conducting research; training service providers, law enforcement and other professionals/first responders; and educating the public. Ours is not a laboratory of beakers and burners, but rather a laboratory for the exchange of… Read more »

Global Accelerator Network

Accelerators bring together around ten companies at a time to receive funding, mentorship and connections to investors and customers. The Global Accelerator Network consists of over 50 of these top startup accelerators from around the world including TechStars, Launchpad L.A., StartupBootcamp and Flat6Labs. All accelerators in the Network utilize a mentorship-based, short-term model with terms… Read more »