•  August 14, 2014
     1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Opening the Lines of Communication: The Hidden Keys of Managing Cross-Cultural Conflict and Collaboration

Trainer: Emily Braucher of ReFresh Intercultural Communication

Too often, we come together to work on an inspiring project and waste time and money attempting to navigate confusing communication. Miscommunication, uncomfortable power dynamics, and a lack of clear vision create roadblocks to collaboration, which leaves us feeling isolated, helpless, and misunderstood. We begin to doubt whether we can rely on people around us, and we spend our valuable time worrying about the implications of unmet deadlines and wasteful investments instead of engaging in productive collaboration. Working with people from different cultural backgrounds can amplify this stress. In collaborations across cultures, we get stuck trying to understand the seemingly illogical behaviors of the people around us. We yearn to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in our work, only to show up each day and encounter seemingly inexplicable barriers to progress embedded in our relationships.

This Toolbox session gives you the opportunity to free yourself from the barriers to collaboration and unleash your team’s collective potential. You can finally feel the support you desire and the results you need by learning to understand, predict and adapt to cross-cultural miscommunications. Using several inventories, you will encounter some of your cultural communication preferences that become pronounced in conflict situations. Because they are typically hidden from us, these unconscious preferences often aggravate and even fuel miscommunication. This workshop brings this process into the light, teaching you to recognize and reframe perplexing communication in order to foster constructive conversations. Through developing a deeper understanding of the way you have been taught to communicate, you learn to seek out “moments of choice” when you can adapt to other people’s communication styles, helping you to become a more flexible and resilient leader.

Take a look at Emily Braucher’s latest article, Trust: Overlooked and Undervalued and interview, In building trust, self-awareness is key.

Increased awareness and new communication skills empower you to:

  • work through conflict so you can achieve your goals,
  • stop wasting time worrying about challenging team dynamics so that you can focus your attention on the work that matters,
  • develop self-awareness so you can realize the impact you have on other people and be freed from puzzling misunderstandings, and
  • become a more creative problem-solver so you are able to adapt to new situations with flexibility and ease.

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