Sweet Dreams Rwanda: A Film Screening

  •  May 19, 2016
     6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

A partnership film screening hosted by Hope Shines, Inc. and Africa Development Promise, both international nonprofit organizations with humanitarian work based in Rwanda, Africa.

It seems that the news around this small country of Rwanda mainly focuses on the dark history that has been the country of Rwanda. To those of us who put our hearts and souls into the development of the people and country, we see the country as something more than just their dark history. In collaboration to celebrate not only the hard work and efforts of both Hope Shines, Inc. and Africa Development Promise, but also the positives we see everyday in Rwanda, this film will document the brighter side of Rwanda and to connect our supporters in the US with great stories of resilience.

Sweet Dreams will not only enlighten you about a shining part of the world we call our second home but also will get your taste buds craving the sweeter parts of life! We invite you to join us to support our work, enjoy some drinks and food together and participate in our work. Your ticket price will include a guest speaker, the film screening, ice cream from Sweet Actions and Sweet Cow, popcorn, assorted drinks, and the evening will conclude with a networking/Q&A session. Come sit back and taste the sweeter side of Rwanda!


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1031 33rd St, Denver, Colorado, 80205, United States