ICF Update

Inauguration of Training Center and Solar Kiosk in Uganda

In 2017, Africa Development Promise (ADP) and Edge of Seven received an International Collaboration Fund from the Posner Center grant to work with the Epaphroditus Women’s Cooperative in the Wakiso District of Uganda. Their goals were to design, build a training center building for the women’s cooperative and and to develop ongoing entrepreneurship training plan to support their professional development.

ADP also successfully leveraged Posner Center ICF grant funds to secure an additional grant from IEEE Smart Village, allowing them to pilot 5 solar kiosks throughout Uganda, including one at this facility.  The solar kiosk provides the community with access to much-needed power and provides an additional revenue stream for cooperative members.

The final touches on the building are now complete and an inauguration is planned for March 19. It will be a celebration of the hard work of all partners and the lasting benefit for members of the cooperative and their community.

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