Water for Maternal Health Facilities

Engineers Without Borders USA & Freshwater Project Int’l

Supported by the Posner Center’s International Collaboration Fund (ICF), our Tenant Engineers Without Borders USA and Member Freshwater Project International are working together in Malawi to to assess the water and sanitation conditions at 20 government-funded Maternal Waiting Homes.

The homes were built by the government as part of a larger program, but due to a lack of clean water they are not being used to their full potential. The goal of this round of ICF funding is to support the organizations to identify what the common needs are across the maternal health centers, and to create a plan for how to address the needs.

Combining EWB-USA’s engineering expertise with the strong local relationships that have been cultivated by FPI, these assessments will lay the foundation for continued partnership to improve water and sanitation conditions for expectant mothers in Malawi.

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