PB and K Family Foundation Environmental Grant

Award Announcement

We’re living in an era of increasingly complex and pressing environmental issues. The Posner Center believes that partnerships and collaboration are necessary to address these deeply entrenched challenges. The International Collaboration Fund supports innovative partnerships within the Posner Center community, leveraging the power of collaboration for greater impact. Recognizing the importance of collaborative and holistic approaches to environmental problems, the PB and K Family Foundation has created the PB and K Family Foundation Annual Environmental Grant. This award supports sustainable and high-impact environmental work.

The PB and K Family Foundation funds local, national, and international organizations. The foundation supports an array of causes that focus primarily on humanitarian and environmental nonprofits.

We are excited to announce the 2019 winner of the PB and K Family Foundation Annual Environmental Grant, selected from a competitive pool of applications to the Posner Center’s International Collaboration Fund.

Community-Led Response to Fracking on Navajo Nation

There is a long history of natural resource extraction from native lands in the United States. In recent years, fracking has been rapidly expanding across the Navajo Nation, with limited research and tribal policymaking to address the challenges. This partnership brings together Regis University Master of Development Practice, the Diné Policy Institute, and the Colorado School of Mines Humanitarian Engineering Programto co-create and lead a participatory research project exploring the social, cultural, and environmental impacts of fracking on the Navajo Nation. They will also design a water quality monitoring system that can be owned, operated, and maintained by the community. Their joint learning will form the basis for a community-led response to oil and gas development across the Navajo Nation. 


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