Organization Type: Consultant/Training

Head Global

Head Global provides high-quality, carefully customized recruitment and business development services to its international development clients around the world. Head Global finds talent specifically tailored to your organization’s unique needs so that you can deliver the best development services for your stakeholders around the world. Since 2016, Head Global has provided recruitment and business development… Read more »

Impact Advisors

Impact Advisors is a portfolio of projects focused on creating a virtuous and civil society. Its core project is an equity crowdfunding platform (launching 2022) that provides access to capital for entrepreneurs, social enterprises and others seeking to address economic mobility. Impact Advisors serves organizations focused on many of the UN sustainability goals and loves… Read more »

i2i Strategies

i2i was launched with the mission to support nonprofits and businesses needing support with infrastructure, program and organizational challenges. Executing the “details” and infrastructure of a vision or goal that is in line with an organization’s mission and values is i2i’s wheelhouse. Breaking an idea into actionable steps for social change is what we want… Read more »

James Rattling Leaf

James Rattling Leaf, Sr. has over 25 years working with the US Federal Government, higher education institutions, and non-profits to develop and maintain effective working relationships with federally and non-federally recognized American Indian tribes, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and Tribal Communities. He specializes in developing programs that utilize the interface between Indigenous People’s Traditional Knowledge… Read more »

Desiree Acholla

Desiree Acholla has over fifteen years of social impact work, with more than 10 years in the international development sector. Global experiences in campaign advocacy, public health, financial inclusion, and education have granted her a nuanced perspective as a Social Impact Consultant. She has worked in education and development to reduce disparity in schooling access… Read more »

Chris Vannote

Chris Vannote is an international project manager, planner, and civil engineer with 33 years of experience worldwide in project management, planning and engineering, community participation, and stakeholder coordination. Currently looking for short-term or long-term opportunities on international development projects that can use my intercultural skills, foreign language capabilities, project management and leadership skills, community relations… Read more »

Needle & Frame

Needle & Frame is a filmmaking + arts collective that builds solidarity, unites communities, and inspires courageous action toward positive social transformation. They are reimagining how production companies tell and share stories as an inclusive, equitable, just, and ethical community of artists and storytellers who create meaningful projects rooted in activism and deep intention. Needle… Read more »

Syah B. Consulting / Deep Dive DEI, LLC

Syah B. Consulting is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion service organization aimed to equip leaders with the skill to revolutionize their workplace culture to be more empowering, sustainable, and effective for all team members. Through our Deep Dive DEI modality, they create transformative experiences that will challenge participants to integrate social justice concepts and empathy… Read more »

Claire Read

Dr. Claire Read is the founder and CEO of ProSocial Dynamics, LLC, a woman-owned small business providing consulting and coaching services in the areas of team systems, executive, and leader/leadership coaching. Claire works with the Prosocial Process for Team Self-Governance, a method for developing swift trust, psychological safety, and a deep commitment to the team’s… Read more »

NovoVigeo Consulting

NovoVigeo is a strategy, development, and transformation consultancy. We enable clients to be more effective, achieve transformation, and deliver even greater mission impact. We do this by helping them cultivate strategy, culture, and change superpowers enabling relevance, results, and resilience – making employees, organizations, and communities better. NovoVigeo works across the private, public, academic, and… Read more »


AidKonekt is an online platform that makes it easy to build and monitor your USAID pipeline. AidKonekt provides a ticker of USAID forecast changes, suggests primes/partners for each opportunity, makes DEC research easy, includes a local compensation plan archive, and much more!

Farah Mahesri

Farah Mahesri is passionately curious about how we can best create sustainable, transformative impact around the world and create the world we want to live in. This has led Mahesri towards testing new approaches, diving deeply into technology, leading efforts to increase inclusion, and working across sectors to find innovative solutions. Using an impact-focused, systemic… Read more »

Joe Miklosi

Joe Miklosi has been serving the public and bridging goals in the government, business, and nonprofit sectors in Colorado, Washington, D.C. and around the globe for 27 years. Miklosi believes that combining the time, talent and treasure from the government, business and nonprofit sectors will solve today’s most challenging obstacles. Miklosi’s diverse background includes helping… Read more »

OMNI Institute

The OMNI Institute is a 501c(3) non-profit social science consultancy that accelerates positive social change by supporting the public, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors with integrated research and evaluation, capacity building, and data utilization services.

Third Sight Strategies

We provide a suite of comprehensive and sustainable capacity building services to nonprofits, NGOs, cities, and municipalities to help organizations expand the impact of their mission, and reach their true potential. Services include: Strategic Planning & Organizational Development; Resource Mobilization & Sustainability; Program Evaluation/Development/Expansion; Nonprofit Startup; CSR Development. Through a three-pronged approach that combines evaluation… Read more »