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See below for for more details on sessions and the dynamic content you can expect at Symposium 2019. Check back frequently, as we’ll content to make updates.

Plenery Speaker

Announcement coming in the second week of January, 2019.


Catalyzer sessions will explore specific projects, partnerships, studies or tools that have been used in collaborative development efforts.

  • Remote Sensing in Drought-Prone Environments The Mortensen Center for Global Engineering at CU Boulder is using satellite and cellular connected sensors to monitor the water supplies of over a million people in arid Kenya and Ethiopia. Learn how they are partnering with big names including IBM and CARE, and are sharing this data with regional water service providers and national policy makers in an effort to improve water services and drought resilience.
  • Evidence-Based Facilitation Techniques How can we use tested facilitation techniques and technology to generate meaningful participation from those with whom we work? GobalGiving, the largest global crowdfunding community, will teach an evidence-based facilitation method from Technology of Participation (ToP®) and show its application in the field of fundraising for global development.
  • Community Based Participatory Research for Complex Social Issues Learn about Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking’s statewide community-based participatory research project and how this work provides a road map for decision-making among academic, nonprofit, and public sector entities seeking to research and effect change on a range of social issues.

Chain Reaction Panel

A moderated panel where each speaker will take on the role of interviewer and interviewee with an overarching topic. We will explore the question, “is global development broken?” Stay tuned as we announce the participants.

Oxford Debate

Oxford-style debates provocative, fun format that is intended to engage and intellectually entertain the audience, while advancing learning on a particular issue. Our topic of debate will be “collaboration is a best practice in global development”Stay tuned as we announce the participants for each team.

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