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The Women’s Bakery: Providing Opportunity and Nutrition In Rwanda

  Posner Center tenant, The Women’s Bakery, is a social enterprise with three wholly owned and operated bakeries in Rwanda, a franchise pilot in Uganda, and three other trained, but independently-owned, bakeries in East Africa.   Their modus operandi is about as old as human civilization itself. Historically, the domestication of wheat and the advent… Read more »

Symposium 2020: Collaboration for Local Capacity Development

Five Collaboration Principles for Local Capacity Development Dr. Ann Hudock, President and Chief Executive Officer of Counterpart International, started her plenary speech by addressing the fact that after a full day and a half of intriguing presentations, engaging conversations and shared wrestling with big ideas in collaboration in international development, it’s safe to say many… Read more »

ICF Update

Stronger Together: Authentic Girls’ Empowerment Across Borders What does it look like to create a global engagement experience that benefits all participants? Many global education programs make claims of authenticity and community connection, yet are often designed primarily to meet the needs of students in the Global North. With funding from the Posner Center’s International… Read more »

Innovating Together

Arrow Electronics Invests in International Collaboration Fund The Posner Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with Colorado’s largest company, Arrow Electronics. Arrow provides products, services, and solutions to industry and commercial user of electrical components and enterprise computing solutions. Directly serving over 80 countries, they are truly a global company. We’ve partnered to… Read more »

2018-2019 Mentoring Program

Introducing the matched mentors and mentees The Posner Center has launched a new Mentoring Program an annual program—which we intend to significantly scale and expand in the coming years — that will create dialogue and exchange of ideas, and provide new opportunities for learning and engagement in our community. The Posner Center Mentoring Program cultivates the professional development of… Read more »

Demographic Data for Development

Kimetrica’s Journey with Population Explorer                           When the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck on December 26, 2004, many in the humanitarian sector were off celebrating the holidays. They quickly mobilized, but lacked basic data to inform the response, including an accurate estimate of the… Read more »